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Mission shirts must be worn on the day of departure and return in order to facilitate matters at the airport, no exceptions!

  • Departure protocol:
    • Airport 3 hours before the departure time.
    • We will check in as a group. DO NOT CHECK IN PRIOR ON YOUR OWN!
    • If you are leaving on a different flight, you also must be with the group at check in at 8:00 AM (subject to change, please email Ailen about details on this)
    • Meeting at American Airlines drop off area by Starbucks. (If all flying out as a group)
    • Look for the men in the EMM Polo’s to help you with your duffel bag
  • Bags are packed according to specialty or specific medications (example: pediatrics bag, triage bag, surgery bag, internal medicine bag, etc. or antibiotics bag, GI bag, blood pressure bag, etc.) This will make our job easier in setting up the clinic.
  • Each bag numbered/labeled and added to the master list:
    • You are responsible to bring your duffel bags to the airport in the morning
    • Everyone taking a duffel bag must complete the “Inventory Form” that has been emailed, typed up on Excel, and sent back to emmausmedicalmission@outlook.com
  • Teenagers must be accompanied by an adult or a responsible guardian, and must be able to sleep with others of the same sex
    • No ipods/Ipads allowed, as there is no wifi
    • Affidavit is necessary for any minor (<18 y/o traveling without a parent)
  • There needs to be a strong spiritual focus during the mission
  • No Alcohol allowed
  • For liability & safety reasons, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any team member leave the group/compound. If this does occur (and they need to be forewarned) they will be removed from all future missions.
  • DO NOT give any MONEY to the people of Guatemala.
  • Everyone should be taking a probiotic daily, starting now and until the end of the trip. Recommended Culturelle (2 weeks prior to departure)


  • Where will the group be staying/sleeping?
    • in bunk beds at Misioneros del Camino home for kids
  • What not to bring?
    • Hair dryers (unless battery operated), toilet paper
  • What to bring?
    • personal toiletries
    • TOWEL
    • Scrubs, jeans, sweater/jacket, T-shirts, sneakers, sandals for shower
    • Mosquito repellent **********
    • Current Temperature: RAINY
  • How many bags can I check in? (For those on exact flight with Emmaus)
    • None! Only duffle bags filled with medicines & supplies will be checked in. Team members will only be allowed to take 1 carry-on bag with them. 2 duffle bags required per person
    • Carry on: 22in long, 14 in wide, 9 in high
    • Liquids no more than 3.4oz, and placed in separate clear zip lock bag (8×8)
  • Do I need to bring food?
    • No, 3 meals will be provided
    • You may bring snacks (keep in your pockets) to munch on during clinical since we have very long days
  • Will bottled water be provided?
    • Yes, do not drink the tap water under any circumstances. Brush your teeth with bottled water
  • Is the area safe/secure?
    • Yes, and security is provided even during transportation
  • Do I need a Passport?
    • Yes, and all passports must be valid for 6 months after date of travel. If not, the airline will not allow you to board.
  • Is there running water & electricity?
    • Yes
  • What should I wear on the departure day?
    • EMM shirt, jeans, comfortable shoes – NO SANDALS
  • If I have an emergency back home or a family member needs to reach me while I’m away, what number should they call in Guatemala?
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