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grant2Jose’s Hands was established as a non-profit organization to honor Major José Jamil Miranda and perpetuate his values and his legacy. We at Jose’s Hands are proud to honor him by affording medical students the opportunity to explore a unique and underserved area of public health that will create a permanent connection between José’s family and the world.

The grant provides funding for first-year medical school students seeking to participate on a medical mission in an underserved or underrepresented community outside the United States.

  1. Does my medical school need to be located in the United States?
  2. Do I need a passport to participate on a mission trip?
    Yes, our trips are international.
  3. When do applications become available?
    Fill out this form, and we will notify you when opportunities become available.
  4. Do I need my transcripts to apply?
    No, transcripts are not required; only proof of your enrollment is necessary.
  5. Are there any race, religious or socio-economic requirements to receive the grant?
    No, the grant is open to anyone with a servant’s heart who wants to help others.



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