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We have formed an unique and strong partnership between Jose’s Hands, Emmaus Medical Mission (EMM), and Misioneros Del Camino. Together we will harness the expertise of dedicated health and medical professionals to address a myriad of health challenges in Guatemala.


The main goal of our medical mission is to provide medical care to a large number of underserved people in the area of Sumpango Sacatepéquez, Guatemala, a 5-day trip to provide medical help to an underserved community in Guatemala. Students will be led by Guatemalan and American medical professionals and will stay at Misioneros Del Camino, a home for the orphaned, abandoned, and malnourished children of Guatemala started by Mrs. Leonor Portela, better known as Mami Leo. Every child at Misioneros Del Camino is provided with love and education to help them become productive citizens of Guatemalan society and break the cycle of ignorance, poverty, and abuse from which they came. Since 2007, Misioneros Del Camino has also been the home of a high-quality neurological center, where over 100 children with neurological disorders are provided free care and the opportunity for a better life, for themselves as well as for their families.


Most of the people who receive assistance are women, children and elderly.


The Emmaus Medical Mission operates like a well-oiled machine with logistics equipment, number of outpatient consultation and multidisciplinary specialists serving a broad spectrum of health needs. From installation to disassembly, the clinics resemble a ‘MASH’ unit at full steam with the capacity to provide health services in place. Each team member travels with two bags full of military-type medications and supplements. The drugs arrive with the team to ensure nothing is lost in the way, are hauled by hand, and are delivered by doctors to patients for whom they were destined. No governmental or non-governmental organization serves as an intermediary or has access to drugs at any point in the mission, ensuring full accountability.


The mission cost covers shelter, ground transportation within Guatemala, three meals per day, tips/gratuities, and extra medications for patients.


  • Wednesday: Depart Miami, Arrive Guatemala, Preparation
  • Thursday: Medical Clinic
  • Friday: Medical Clinic
  • Saturday: Medical Clinic
  • Sunday: Depart to Miami


Below is the information we provided to our students for obtaining a visa.

Students who do not possess a U.S. passport are responsible for obtaining a visa to visit Guatemala or you will not be permitted to enter the country. for more information click: HERE

The Consulate General of Guatemala is located at 1101 Brickell Ave, Ste 603s, Miami, FL 33131, Phone: (305) 679-9983.


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