Mission Recap: 2014 Guatemala Medical Mission June 25-29

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  • Posted on July 12, 2014

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On Wednesday, June 25, 2014, a group of 80 medical missionaries departed to Guatemala, including 7 Jose’s Hands Ambassadors.

We formed a unique collaboration between Jose’s Hands, Emmaus Medical Missions and Misioneros Del Camino. Together, we harnessed the expertise of 12 dedicated health and medical professionals, 7 medical school students, and over 60 volunteers to address a myriad of health challenges in Guatemala.

The main goal of the medical mission was to provide medical care to a large number of underserved people in the area of Sumpango Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.

Students were led by Guatemalan and American medical professionals and stayed at Misioneros Del Camino, a home for the orphaned, abandoned, and malnourished children of Guatemala started by Mrs. Leonor Portela, better known as Mami Leo.

We saw over 1000 patients in 2.5 days of clinic.  Most of the people who receive assistance are women, children and elderly.

The Emmaus Medical Mission operates like a well oiled machine with logistics equipment, number of outpatient consultation and multidisciplinary specialists serving a broad spectrum of health needs. From installation to disassembly, the clinics resemble a ‘MASH’ unit at full steam with the capacity to provided health services in place. Each team member traveled with two bags full of military-type medications and supplements. The drugs arrived with the team to ensure nothing is lost in the way, were hauled by hand and delivered by doctors to patients who were destined for. No governmental or non-governmental organization serveed as an intermediary or has access to drugs at any point in the mission, ensuring full accountability.

We stayed at the Residencia de Teresita, a building built to house medical mission organizations.  3 meals a day were provided by a staff of cooks.

Day 1: (June 25) – arrived in Guatemala, set up clinic
Day 2: (June 26) – first day of clinic
Day 3: (June 27) – second day of clinic
Day 4: (June 28) – half day of clinic, tear down
Day 5: (June 29) – depart


Our Guatemala pictures are uploaded! Click to see a glimpse of Jose’s Hands and it’s 2014 Ambassadors serving the people of Sumpango Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.






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