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The José Jamil Miranda Memorial Fund – Yale School of Medicine

by Richard

“This letter is to say thank you for making all this possible. Since we began facilitating clinical elective experiences for Yale medical students 11 years ago, a total of 224 students have traveled to 14 sites in 13 countries. The Major Jose Jamil Miranda Memorial Fund is influencing careers and changing medicine.” José Jamil Miranda…

Comparison between Doctors without Borders & Jose’s Hands

by Richard


When looking for a volunteering project, examining different options and organizations and making comparisons are crucial steps to be able to choose the ones that fit you best. One organization that quickly catches interest is Doctors Without Borders. A frequent inquiry we receive is what the difference is between Jose’s Hands and Doctors Without Borders.…

Fundraising for missions: Donor Pledge Form Template

by Mariana Mezzoni


Donor Pledge Form Template Yes! I want to give my support to [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] with my [insert the words TAX-DEDUCTIBLE if applicable] gift or pledge in the amount of $____________________ Enclosed is my check payable to [INSERT YOUR ORGANIZATION NAME] Charge my credit card: __VISA __ MC __AMERICAN EXPRESS __DISCOVER Name on card:__________________________________ Card…

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