2014 Msa San Cristobal, Dominican Republic


ShidaMSA141Shida Haghighat: I am a first generation Iranian-American hailing from Southern California and a first year student at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.  I received my Bachelor’s in International Studies from University of California, San Diego where I dedicated much of my time to delivering healthcare to underserved Latino populations through the UCSD Free Clinic. I currently help run the free clinic at my own medical school. I look forward to expanding my experiences with underserved populations abroad with Jose’s Hand’s mission to the Dominican Republic. I hope to enter the field of Emergency Medicine and dedicate my career to solving health disparities.

DanielMSA141My name is Daniel Nelson, and I am currently a first year medical student at the University of Miami. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I graduated from Notre Dame with a degree in Biology and a minor in Business. In college, I participated in medical mission trips to Antigua, Guatemala and San Ignacio, Belize. I hope to integrate these experiences and what I have learned in medical school into this mission trip. In my free time, I enjoy playing soccer and running.



RobertMSA141My name is Robert Andino. I was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and I am a medical student at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. Since I was a boy, I’ve always had a passion for learning and helping others. It is because of this that I was driven to the field of medical service. I have been on two Medical Missions trips to the Dominican Republic and I work with my parents, both medical doctors, in a medical van every Thursday to help the underserved or uninsured. I love talking to people, some would say that I’m unable to stop, but truthfully it is my greatest tool for connecting to others.  I thoroughly enjoy listening to the stories and lessons people in all walks of life have to give me.

LauraMSA141Laura Bloom: I grew up in a small town in Southern California. I am a first year medical student at the University of Miami. After I completed my undergraduate degree, I spent two years doing a post-baccalaureate (to take all my pre-medical courses) and taking the MCAT. I then spent the better part of a year traveling and volunteering at clinics and hospitals in Central America and Southeast Asia. I am grateful for this experience and for being able to make even a small contribution to this community that welcomed me in.















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